Well Hello!

We're Tara and Debi, a mother-daughter team of micro-farmers with macro-oomph.


We're dedicated to growing you beautiful, flavourful herbs and vegetables without the use of pesticides, so you can enjoy them with a clean conscience and digestive tract!

Why We Farm

We believe simple, real, quality food is the best investment you can make.


We are humbled by nature and see no need to meddle in its genius. That's why we grow food as close to the way nature intended. In choosing fresh, locally-sourced products grown in this manner, not only do you get the most nutrients and flavour from your food, you also contribute to the longevity of your environment, your community, your economy  - and most importantly -  your health.


Eat like your life depends on it. Because it does.

What We Offer


Being part of the Little Victory CSA was a tremendous experience. We had no idea what to expect but from our first encounter to the end of the growing season, it was a delight! The vegetables were varied and delicious. It was a great way to engage directly with local organic farmers. The extra touches - the bag, the weekly emails, the recipes, the jelly and the thank you note - made it really special. And best of all, meeting Tara and Debi, who are an absolute joy.  I would highly recommend this CSA to all my friends and neighbours!”​

—  Frank N., CSA Member 2017

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