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This is the intoxicating view we get to enjoy while working away in our gardens in New Glasgow. No matter what time of year it is or how bad the weather gets, it can still take your breath away - or your whole body for that matter. If you're from the Island, you know how windy it can be.

Meet Tara

Clearly, she's not afraid of getting a little dirty. Tara started her education in ecology and creative writing. Her interests have always been a hybrid of science and art. This led her to study landscape architecture which she has been working in professionally for over 10 years.


In 2011, she took a 3 month hiatus from professional life to volunteer on organic farms in Spain and her eyes were opened to a very different way of living. It wasn’t until she attended a workshop on small-scale intensive farming in 2013, however, that the cogs started to rapidly turn about a career shift. She now balances both careers, landscape architecture and small farming, throughout the year.

Meet Debi

Debi is no amateur in the garden. She's been growing her own food using natural, pesticide-free methods for more than 35 years. Her talents don’t stop there. She is also very skilled at preserving food, keeping bees, raising chickens and building just about anything, including the construction of her own house with her husband Robin. On top of that, she has quite literally been a life-saver, having worked as an intensive care nurse for 20 years.


Tara can’t count the number of times a meal was laid out on the table that was entirely grown by her mother. She has often wondered, “Is there anything my mom can’t do?” 


In 2014, Little Victory Microfarms was born! Our first year was hugely demanding and undeniably successful.  We achieved what we’d set out to do: grow high quality vegetables and herbs for the community without the use of harsh chemicals. With much blood, sweat and tears (actually, very little to no blood and only a couple of tears), the dream had come to fruition. And then life got in the way. Tara’s life to be precise. Nevertheless, we came back in 2017 to continue the dream. It's hard to believe this year we'll be entering our fifth season of farming. Watch out world, many more little victories are to come!

Our Mission

We aim to promote the revitalization of small farms in both rural and urban areas of Prince Edward Island. As stewards of the land, we intend to improve the health of Island soil one shovel full at a time, while providing fresh, chemical-free, high quality vegetables and herbs to the local community.  

What We Offer

Our Philosophy


We respect the ecosystems surrounding our gardens and provide a generous buffer to the river bordering our property.

We steer clear of mono-cropping, planting variety in close proximity to attract beneficial animals.

We plant hedgerows between gardens to improve micro-climates while increasing habitat. 

We've kept bees and feed pollinators by planting plenty of pollinator-friendly crops.


We don't use any harsh pesticides or herbicides to grow our food.

None whatsoever.

Instead, we use row covers, handpicking, organic compost and organic fertilizer to grow clean, fresh produce that is safe to eat.

We also have a crop rotation plan to minimize pest and disease issues. 

Got more questions?

We'll happily provide full disclosure on our growing practices. 


There's no large machinery on our little farms, and there never will be.

We operate using a small walk-behind tractor and hand tools.

Our goal is to grow better not bigger.

This means improving our efficiency through clever design and fine-tuned growing practices.

This also means never jeopardizing the high quality of our produce and the health of our surrounding ecosystems to maximize yield.  

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