• Tara Callaghan

Mixed Precipitation and the Trouble With Staying Stuck

Ice pellets and rain drops patter on the window pane. The pellets remain stuck in place while the rain drops fall determinately to the sill. The only way the pellets will become unstuck is if they transform into another state, melting to slide to the bottom. The same can be said for someone who is stuck in an unwanted predicament. In order to become unstuck, we must commit to a transformation. That transformation usually requires taking an action. This may be a change in attitude, perspective, physical movement or all of the above.

I have procrastinated on this first blog post because my perfectionist attitude could not fathom the best subject to write about. I’d sit down and begin to write a few sentences only to find myself minutes later miraculously peering into the fridge, my autopilot having decided it needed a snack. Once awakened to my distraction, I’d return to the task at hand where an unfinished sentence lay abandoned on the screen. I’d decide it was garbage and begin again. Soon enough I’d be in the bathroom staring in the mirror, tweezing my eyebrows and examining the degree to which my skin has aged. Again, I’d awake to my avoidance of writing and steer myself back to my desk. This continued a few more times until I finally decided it’s just not in the cards today to write a blog post. The familiar conclusion I have reached over the last month each time I attempted to write it.

I am about to change gears when I look out the window. The mixed precipitation has changed to only rain now. No ice pellets cling to the pane. Something shifts inside me. All that is required here is a commitment to complete a task. It may not be the funniest or most useful thing I’ve ever written, but that’s okay. I sit. I place my fingers on the keyboard. An idea rains over me and the words begin to flow.


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